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The Take Your Pineapples Out campaign is held annually on the 3rd of May to raise awareness & start conversations about the prickly subject of suicide.

It was created in loving memory of Kyeema McIntyre who lost her life to suicide on the 3rd of November 2015. The event is held on the “unanniversary” of her passing, the 3rd of May.

The founder of the campaign, Gabrielle Prosser is a social worker, a mother, a daughter, an activist for social change, a lover of all animals (well almost all, snakes are an exception) and she was Kyeema’s best friend of 20 years.

As a social worker, Gabrielle has a strong passion for working in the field of mental illness. So from the depths of her grief, she used her knowledge and skills as a social worker to find a way to honour Kyeema’s life and strength. She wanted to do something different, something that could engage people of all ages from all different parts of the world.

And from that, Take Your Pineapples Out was born.

Take Your Pineapples Out

Why Pineapples

You might be wondering how a pineapple has become a symbol of suicide awareness.

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When talking about suicide it's always important to make sure people know where they can turn to for help.

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Take Your Pineapples Out would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the Integrated Family and Youth Service for their support and sponsorship of this campaign. Their commitment to suicide prevention allows us to continue to spread this message far and wide and we are so grateful for their support and generosity.


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